This is a personal post… it has taken a long time to compose, and it marks my first year and a half as a mom!

It’s hard to sum up in words what an amazing, joyful, and educational adventure this past year and a half have been.  My husband Ryan and I comment constantly how our son Elliott is more fantastic than we ever could have imagined.  Being able to spend every day with such an awesome little dude has seriously been the best thing ever.

I have obviously taken THOUSANDS of photographs of this conveniently photogenic little guy over the past 18 months, so it’s REALLY hard to select only a few to post.  I’ve chosen to focus here on a growing series that I’ve done each month with his favorite Jellycat stuffed animal, Clark the frog.  Leo the lion was his 1st birthday present so he quickly became an addition to the photo series.  (I also threw a couple other shots in there just for fun.)  The main backdrops are in Elliott’s green room with my favorite red hand chair and a super cool orange and white faux-animal rug that my mom Sherry Kleinman quilted.

Before he was born I thought I would do a very structured monthly milestone photo series… But I learned quickly that expectations are silly when babies are involved — and to cut myself some slack — to let the photo series be whatever it became…

I hope you enjoy the recap of Elliott’s first year and a half!  I sure enjoyed making it!

Elliott, it’s so hard to believe that you are already a year and a half old!  We are SOOOOOOO excited for all the adventures the future holds for us!

A huge thank you to my amazing friends:

Jenna from Jennabeth Photography for our maternity shoot, including the maternity photo here,  and 2 month family photo here.

Briana from Shoots and Giggles for our birth photos, including the 1 hour old photo here.